X-ray Inspection (2D X-ray)

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X-ray is now one of the most efficient and quick methods to detect and analyze product internal structures and flaws in a non-destructive testing.

more about x-ray

X-ray is very powerful in penetrating objects. The level of penetration varies with the density of the substance contained in an object structure. The X-ray receives images based on the amount of penetrated energy.

The Superiority Of LF

Case Sharing


  • Defect inspection in IC packaging: layer delamination, burst crack, void, and bonding inspection.
  • Potential defects in the PCB manufacturing process E.g.: misalignment, bridge or open circuit.
  • SMT soldering void inspection and measurement.
  • Defect inspection of open, short or abnormal connections in the interconnect.
  • Solder ball array inspection in BGA packaging and flip chip packaging.
  • Inspection of crack in high density plastic material or void in metal.
  • Chip dimension measurement, wire arc measurement, soldering percentage measurement.

Equipment Capacity

  • Real time image
  • Measurement image dimension
  • Max magnification of 1920 (Depending on sample Ssze)
  • X-Ray spot size: 0.25μm ; diamond 0.1μm ; quadra7 0.1μm
  • Tilt angle 66゚, 360゚rotation
  • Maximum energy 160KV, 3W; diamond 160KV, 10W; quadra7 160KV, 20W
  • Inspection area 45cm (L) X 40cm (W) X 10cm(H) / Weight 5kg.

Equipment Limitation

Aluminum wires or low density materials used in IC packaging are not applicable To X-Ray inspection.

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