TLP measurement of ESD Protection Devices

What we can do

In the past, ESD protection devices were only assessed for their functionality with a result of PASS or FAIL, no electrical characteristics were provided for further effective design change. With the methods of pulse, TLP is capable of providing IV curve of the ESD protection circuits, in addition to find out the flaws of circuit design quickly to reduce the development time and cost.

What is TLP?

Transmission Line Pulse (TLP) is employed to measure and verify electrical characteristics of ESD protection devices.
The principle is to apply test pulses to a Device under Test (DUT) in two steps. Step 1: Charge the transmission line in the circuit; Step 2: The transmission line discharges to DUT. This test process begins with low voltage pulses and increments these until the DUT is failed.

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equipment capacity

  • Max. voltage for sample IV curve measurement: 200 V; Max. Pulse for TLP device: 2500 V; Max. I: 50A

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