Thermal EMMI (InSb)

What we can do

  • Detect the defect caused short-circuits inside IC packaging as well as sole die.
  • Current Leakage of dielectric layer (e.g.SiO2).
  • Current Leakage in transistors and diodes.
  • Metal circuit defects and short-circuits in TFT LCD Panel & PCB/PCBA.
  • ESD latch-up.
  • Estimation the depth of the defect in 3D packaging (stacked die).
  • Defect positioning detection over non-decapped ICs
  • Failure analysis over low impedance short circuit (<10ohm)

What is Thermal EMMI

Thermal EMMI uses detector made of InSb to receive thermal radiation generated by a defective point after power-on, therefore positioning the defect; or, even estimating the depth of defect via time difference of thermal radiation transmission. 

The Superiority Of LF

Case Sharing


  • IC semiconductor industry
  • TFT LCD panel industry
  • PCB/PCBA industry

Equipment Limits

Effect of doping on transmission through silicon:
transmission for 100um SI and different doping levels

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Precise and quantitative analysis

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