Greenhouse Gas/Carbon and Water Footprint Assessment /ISO 50001 Consultancy

What we can do

  • Greenhouse gas consultancy
    1. Assessment consultancy
      a.Organization greenhouse gas assessment ISO 14064 consultancy
      b.Carbon footprint assessment ISO 14067 consultancy
    2. Greenhouse gas and energy saving ISO 50001 consultancy
  • Water footprint assessment ISO 14046 consultancy
  • Varieties of environment footprint assessment consultancy

What need Value-Added Services ?

Mr. Daniel Goleman, the father of EQ, once said enterprises can create even bigger living spaces by measuring up all impacts of products from manufacturing to disposal with a complete “life cycle assessment (LCA). Leading international brands are adding LCA relevant specifications in their green supply chain requirements.
Corporates are required to meet rules set by global supply chain manufacturers to seize international trading opportunities. They shall disclose green information with assessment and energy saving measures to enhance customer loyalty to their products.

The Superiority Of LF

  • Familiar with leading international brands’ greenhouse gas and water resources management environmental specification
  • Integrated water and carbon footprint assessment consultancy and verification service
  • Energy saving relevant technology available
  • Help implement computerized water and carbon footprint assessment system for enterprises as required

Why Choose Lab First

Expert Team

familiarizing the regulations of world-leading manufacturers


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