MHL Test / Debug / Certification

What we can do

MHL has been extensively implemented on various mobile/hand-held products, leading to increasing demands of related certification and compatibility test. In addition to providing various testing and certification services, LF owns many testing techniques and extensive debug experience, which ranges from IC development to the final stage of mass production, and is able to provide consulting services to assist the clients to expedite the certification application of their products. LF can provide the following services:

  • MHL Pre-test
  • MHL Debug Service
  • MHL Compatibility Test
  • MHL Self-Test
  • MHL Certification
  • MHL Consulting Service
  • MHL 1.x, MHL 2.x Compatibility Test and Certification
  • RCP Compatibility Test
  • Audio Channel Test


What is MHL?

MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) is a brand new technique of digital AV signal transmission that utilizes the 5 pins in a single cable to link HDTV, display, and other home AV entertainment products via existing connecting devices such as USB. In addition supporting 4K UHD AV signal transmission, MHL can serve as a charger for the linked mobile devices.

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