Display Port Test/Debug/Certification

What we can do

LF has built up DP1.1/1.2/1.3, eDP, and DP alt mode test capacity with reliability and compatibility test to provide customers with services for testing of speed, precise reports, repeatability, high reliability as well as comprehensive solutions to drill down to the root of problems. LF can provide the following services:  :

  • Pre-test
  • Debug Service
  • Compatibility Test
  • Self-Test
  • Certification
  • Consulting Service
  • Customized Tolerance Test

What is DP?

The DisplayPortTM (DP) is a digital video interface standard, advocated by the Video Electronic Standard Association (VESA), for high-resolution multimedia video transmission like HDMI.

Differing from HDMI, the DP is more IT industry rather than consumer products oriented. Nevertheless, the compatibility issues remain the same, as HDMI does especially after the training session during DP connection. In addition to EDID access, display in correct solution may fail after poor training.

Regarding integration with USB Type-C, for the successful switch between USB and DP mode and communication for power delivery specification and configuration channel (CC) must strive to accumulate experiences with heavy tests in short term.

The embedded display port (eDP) could be another issue. Though it does not require mandatory certification, its signal and environment tests still pose great demands to ensure correct display in each environment when serving the main interface between display panel and processor communication.

The Superiority Of LF

  • LF is a VESA authorized lab for test and certification of DisplayPortTM and Displayport over USB-C.
  • LF is a Simplay Labs authorized lab for the HDMI/ MHL testing system with a number of testing sites that are second to none in the world.
  • Integrating the cable signal test, wireless signal test, compatibility test and so on, LF is a truly one-stop testing lab.
  • With engineers of our team coming from industries of digital IC, analog design, system hardware, software design, and driver design, LF is more than ready to assist you in R&D and getting certified.
  • LF is one of the few one-stop service companies providing testing service of engineering techniques that include IC development, FIB, ESD, reliability verification, signal testing certification, and failure analysis.

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