The Innovative FIB Circuit Edit (N-FIB)

What we can do

reduce parasitic resistance with long wiring requirement
measure the internal nodes of your chip more easily 
♦ Low-resistance connecting wire:

Taking 1000um as an example, the surface connection wire using LF’s N-FIB technique has a resistance less than 10 ohm, which is unattainable in a conventional FIB (7000ohm (PT)).

 ♦ Signal extraction:

N-FIB technique takes out signals through silver metal connecting wires. IC designer is enabled to measure the signal by direct contact with the external silver wires. In addition, the resistance and conductance of the entire connection path are lower, more stable and reusable in comparison with conventional probe measurements.

 ♦ Addition of passive components:

LF’s N-FIB enables direct addition of resistances or capacitors of various specifications on the IC surface, facilitating the IC designer with easy debugging.


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