G2 WLCSP circuit edit solution

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The second-generation WLCSP circuit edit technology is the solution for editing circuits under the bump, RDL, or organic passivation without problems.

IC products packaged with WLCSP (Wafer-level chip scale package) are confronted with two big challenges in FIB circuit edit. Most parts of circuits of an IC are covered by the bumps and the RDLs (redistribution layer) and cannot be edited. Even if there are circuits not covered by the bump and RDL, the organic passivation on top is thicker, meaning that greater effort and more time is needed to edit these circuits.


The Superiority Of LF

1. Unique pre-processing method combined with a smooth and fast passivation layer of FIB partial removal technology significantly reduces working hours.

2. Partial solder balls removal solution without the need of replcing them afterwards.

3. Capable of replanting removed solder balls with new ones.

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