FIB Circuit Edit/ CAD Probe Pad Debug

What we can do

 ♦ FIB circuit:

IC circuit edit is provided to the designers through FIB. Due to the merit of saving a photo mask redo, FIB significantly shortens time for IC prototype validation and time-to-market.

 ♦ CAD Probe Pad:

Using FIB, the points where signals must be measured are led to the surface of the IC so that a mechanical prober may retrieve internal signals in the IC.

 ♦ Backside FIB Circuit Edit:

Modifying a circuit from the backside is easier and has a higher success rate due to the limited flip-chip packaging substrate, advanced process continuously edging into 5nm, increasing metal winding layers, and more complex and compact circuits.


What is FIB?


The focus ion beam (FIB) technique may selectively etch (disconnect circuit) and deposit a conductor or a nonconductor (add a new circuit) by hitting sample surface with gallium ion along with organic gas.

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