Non-Taiko Grinding/Conventional Grinding (BGBM)

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The first step of the complete BGBM process is wafer thinning, grinding and etching wafers with thicknesses to 100um, then execute Backside Wet Etching to further thinning, roughen, and release stress from the surface.

During the backside grinding (BG) of wafer thinning process, fast and precise grind wafers with grinding wheel before micro etching their surfaces with etching solution to remove the damaged layers due to grinding and stress release.

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Wafer Thining/Non-Taiko Grinding Process

Taping wafers with tapes determined by wafer features and passivation layers by front end foundries after IQC; then, perform Non-Taiko Grinding / Conventional Grinding and Backside Wet Etching in sequence before thickness measurement and OQC.

IQC → Taping → Wafer Thinning / Non-Taiko Grinding → Backside Wet Etching → Thickness Measurement → OQC

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