Oil/ Water/ Soil/ Gaseous pollutant Analysis

What we can do


  • Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) / chemical oxygen demand (COD) / solid suspends (SS) / free residual chlorine / total organic carbon (TOC) / ammonia and nitrogen related water quality verification
  • Analysis of soil heavy metals
  • Analysis of heavy metals in waste
  • Recycling material analysis
  • Precious metals: tin / silver / copper / gold analysis
  • Outgassing composition analysis
  • Outgassing ingredient analysis: Head space analysis / EGA / PY + GC-MS analysis
  • Analysis of various types of oil
  • Outgassing composition analysis: PY GC /MS, EGA

What need Chemical Substance Management?

Ever-increasing factories and air pollution by oils/materials for production process are damaging the environment. Amid fast rising awareness of the need for environmental protection, worsening surface and underground water quality, and effective control over air pollution, every industry is paying attention to identifying valuable heavy metals for recycling.

The Superiority Of LF

  • Highly adaptive along with less testing time up to 1-3 days
  • Assisting in interpreting test results by our professional team
  • ISO/IEC 17025 and CNAS certified lab, CPSC California directive approval

Why Choose Lab First

One-stop service (chemical analysis/failure analysis/material analysis)

Precise and quantitative analysis

Full experimental data interpretation


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