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Speed up R&D & Time-to-Market

Rich knowledge and experience in speeding a design to prototype

Rigorous test during the design & verification time

LF provides wafer backend process in semiconductor manufacturing stage

Quality verification, the final stage before new products available

Clarify the responsibility for product failure 

fast & Accurate

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FIB Circuit Edit

Short development cycle time

FIB circuit edit technology, is turning conventional IC design industry verification models upside down by cutting the time span from design to mass production and market launch required by IC design house while significantly reducing R&D investments.

Engineering Sample Preparation

Good quality in later function tests

The sample preparation techniques play a key role in determining function test accuracy and flaw identification ease.

Targeting at sample preparation, LF provides the following services, including IC decapsulation, IC delayer, cross-section & backside grinding, and cross-section polisher.

Failure Analysis

Select the most valid tools

Time is the key for seizing the business opportunity; thus short development cycle time is critical to IC design houses. 

Our Failure Analysis service identifies the design bugs and perform real-time circuit defect repair and edit (on machine).

Reliability Test

Controlling your product quality

Reliability assures product quality based on quantified data. That is, to execute specification functions in giving time and environment conditions to ensure product quality.

Material Analysis

Great solution for advanced process verification

Materials, their characteristics and structure on the micro level usually comes to determine their physical characteristics on macro level. This gives material analysis is a critical role in the development stage of new technologies and in the field of failure analysis.

Applied in IC industry, LED industry, Panel industry, TFT-LCD industry, Solar cell industry, Nano material technology and so on.

Chemical Analysis

Safer and faster

This service includes the analysis of unknown contaminants and analysis in liquid, gas and ion states. The test also extends to various international environmental protection regulations and certifications. 

With precise and quantitative analysis as the focus, the overall service aims to help customers with data analysis to analyze chemical substance density as low as the PPB grade. This service is designed to benefit contamination analysis in the advanced processes of semiconductor manufacturing.

Signal Integrity

Working together with clients

LF offers signal test services containing standard HDMI/MHL/HDCP tests along with official certification services. 

In addition, varieties of test certification techniques and debugging experiences enable LF to offer consultancy services in helping clients with more effective debugging and significant faster product certification process throughout the entire process from IC development to mass production of end products.

MOSFET Wafer Backend Process (BGBM)

Working together with clients

Finally wafer thinning and backside metallization (BGBM) were finished, but you need to transport wafer to another suppliers for CP and sawing with high risk, is there any place to do it right one time?

LF has recruited professional experts and implement advanced processing to assist you in completing BGBM in short time.

Various Consultancy

Being competitive

LF can help businesses pass the certification of such international quality control standards as ISO9001, IATF 16949, IECQ AQP, ISO26262, ISO 21434 and ISO/IEC 17025 and provides value-added ESG-related consultancy services covering such systems as ISO14064-1, ISO14067, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO50001 and RBA to help businesses win customer recognition as quickly as possible and thereby enhance their international competitiveness.


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