Package Lead Integrity Test

The Package Assembly Integrity Test is a key test in automotive electronics reliability verification which covers Wire Bond Shear (WBS), Wire Bond Pull (WBP), Solderability (SD), Physical Dimensions (PD), and Solder Ball Shear (SBS), Lead Integrity (LI) according to specifications set by the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC). These verifications are required at automotive electronics IC packaging stage to enter any automotive electronics supply chain.

What we can do

  • iST helps your automotive electronics IC chips conform to AEC-Q100/AEC-Q101/AEC-Q104/AEC-Q200 specifications. iST is capable of helping automotive module makers to step into the supply chain of Tier-1 leading car manufacturers by meeting long life cycle and high reliability automotive requirements based on ISO 16750 automotive electronics environment test conditions.

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