Nano probe

“We use SEM microscope’s extremely small curvature probe connect with the internal IC circuit or contact layer to input signal or message to measure external electrical characteristic curves. SEM electron beam characteristics can also be used for relevant application analysis, including electron beam induced current (EBIC), electron beam absorbed current (EBAC) and electron beam induced resistance change (EBIRCH).”

what can we do

  • Measure the electrical characteristics curve in the SEM vacuum environment to avoid noise interference from the external environment and provide direct and fast information for semiconductor components’ failure analysis and the development of components at the nano scale.
  • Switch measurement modes in the same equipment once the electrical failure found in the internal circuit layer or contact layer of the IC to pinpoint the location of the defect.

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Make electrical characteristics curve measurement in SEM vacuum environment over IC samples de-layered to the contact layer.


             Position failures at contact layer with EBIC for more accurate defect positioning.


                                                       Use EBAC to position the open circuit


  • Components’ electric characteristics analysis
  • Components’ quality and failure analysis

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