Ion Beam Cross-section Polisher (CP)

What we can do

CP can be used for 1mm size cross-section preparation of any material. It is ideal for material characteristics analysis (e.g. EDS, WDS, Auger and EBSD) as it suffers no impact of stress. Its effective sample treatment area may reach up to 500um.

What is Ion Beam Cross-section Polisher (CP)?

Ion Beam Cross-section Polishing (CP), is used for revealing sample cross-sections by way of ion beam. Unlike the general CP, CP is capable of eliminating stress effects resulting from the polishing process.

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  • Applicable to soft materials, such as copper, aluminum, gold, tin, polymer (Caution shall be taken for melting temperature).
  • Applicable to hard materials such as ceramic and glass, etc.
  • Applicable to heterogeneous materials consisting of two or more materials, such as the combination of metal, ceramic or polymer materials

machine capacity

Sample maximum size: 11mm(W) X 10mm(D) X 2mm(T)

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One-stop service (chemical analysis/failure analysis/material analysis)

Precise and quantitative analysis

Full experimental data interpretation


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