IC structure/ Competitive Analysis

What we can do

LF can help you analyze advanced IC devices, IC packaging, structures of individual layers of board, materials, process technologies, and dimensions available in the market to learn about the newest trend, avoid patent traps, and make the most of early entrance benefits.

Through the photography system of microscopy, the structure texture of the chip layers can be presented in digital photos. The surface of a large area can be shown through stitching sequence images (LF has developed proprietary software that enables customers to observe circuits in different layers).

Case Sharing


  • IC package analysis : Package type/ External appearance/ Internal structure X-Ray inspection
  • IC physical structure : Die appearance/ Metal material analysis/ Process analysis
  • Circuit module analysis: Proportion of circuit structure (Analog circuit, input/output circuit, logic circuit, memory circuit),  memory package form, memory capacity
  • Parameter measurement of IC package: Package size, thickness of leadframe, wire bonding width, loop height of wire bonding, material of Epoxy and wire
  • Circuit layout structure and layer analysis of BGA substrate

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