IC Decapsulation

What we can do

Based on its long and profound experience, iST is able to provide the optimum decapping method specific to individual packaged IC to prepare for easy testing. See below for some of the techniques we  offer. Please contact us for more details.

Package decap

LED, gallium arsenide IC, automotive IC, optical coupling IC

Special decap

backside, MEMS, packaging material preparation, various kinds of packaging removal

Chemical etching analysis

crater test, solder oil / stain removal, photo resistance removal by chemical etching, pin cleaning

What will need IC decapsulation

IC failure analysis may require looking into chips, wires, and devices which do not allow for observation of their internal parts because of the package covering outside. The external layers blocking observation may be removed by “dry etching” and “wet etching” to uncover the devices packaged inside for treatment and observation during testing.

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