High Resolution 3D X-Ray Microscope

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CT analysis can be performed against the device being tested to obtain images at different depths so that micro defects can be clearly revealed and verified.

What is High Resolution 3D X-Ray Microscope?

High Resolution 3D X-Ray Microscope is a non-destructive method employed with an optical microscope to enhance the magnification, which uses 2D X-ray tomography to take sample images at all angles while turning the fixed sample 360 degrees. Physical images of the tested object are then constructed by computer operation.

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  • Defect inspection during IC packaging such as inspections of wire bonding, plastic cracks, bubbles ion Epoxy or plastic, etc.
  • Potential process defects in PCBs and carrier boards, such as circuit miss-align or bridge and open circuit, quality inspection of plated via process, multi-layer PCB layout analysis.
  • Defect inspection in all electronic products, including open circuit, short or abnormal connections.
  • Solder ball integrity inspection of BGA and flip chip packages, including solder ball deformation, crack, cold soldering, short, and blow hole.
  • Crack inspection of high-density plastics or cavity inspection of metals.
  • Inspection and analysis of active and passive components.
  • Structure inspection of various materials.

Equipment Capacity

ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa

Equipment Limits

  • In case the IC package contains low density material, the X-Ray may penetrate the material and be unable to detect it.
  • Sample size to be no more than 300mm. maximum weight < 15 KG.

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