Cross-section & Backside polish

Backside polish
Cross-section polish
Cross-section polish

This is a quick sample preparation method which comes up with clear sample surface by local grinding with sandpaper (or diamond sandpaper) or grinding head followed by polishing.

What we can do

LF is not only provide original cross-section, but also offer IC backside polishing. From  the chip backside, grind the substrate to a specified thickness before performing  polishing. The main purpose is to enable the following analysis.

Basic process flow of sample cross-sectioning
  • Cutting:Cut sample into proper sizes using a cutter
  • Cold fill:Fill mix glue into gaps of sample to enhance structural strength of the sample, so that it is not damaged by the grinding stress
  • Grinding:Grind the sample with different sand paper (or diamond sandpaper)
  • Polish:Polish with a turntable added with proper polishing liquid to eliminate fine scratches resulting from grinding.

The Superiority Of LF

case sharing


                            Die Cross-Section                                                 Cu process Cross-section                                                     Bump Cross-section 


           Backside grinding of general IC                                Backside grinding of COB sample                     OBIRCH image after backside polishing


  • IC products, such as flip chip, Al/Cu process structure, C-MOS image sensor
  • PCB/PCBA product
  • LED product

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