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3D Optical Microscope(OM) has large depth of field, inclinable angle and advanced measuring functions. This allows it to focus on the device being tested from different heights and angles in order to obtain clear images for observation. 3D OM is suitable for the inspection and failure analysis of electronic part soldering.


What is 3D OM

3D Optical Microscope (3D OM) captures the reflection of visible light from an object surface with optical zoom-in and zoom-out and CCD for surface pattern observation and dimension analysis and measurement.

The Superiority Of LF

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  • Detection of part IC package defects, such as appearance integrity, the black gum cracks, pin deformation or discoloration.
  • Detection of potential PCB defects, such as nodules, weave exposure, glass fiber exposure, solder mask, text.
  • Detection of potential detects in electronic products, such as poor soldering.
  • Solder ball integrity inspection of BGA and flip chip packages, such as ball deformation.
  • Appearance check and analysis of active and passive components.
  • Analysis and measurement of all materials.

Equipment Capacity

  • 20X~2000X Magnification Without Changing The Lens

  • Magnificention:20X~1000X
  • Tilt Angle:0°~60° 
  • Rotation Angle:180°C 
  • Size Measurement
  • Machine Quantity:3

  • Magnificention:20X~2000X
  • With Large Electric Platform
  • Size Measurement
  • Tilt Angle:0°~60°
  • Machine Quantity:1

  • XY up to 100x100mm

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